Commercial refrigeration

All-in-one solution, to supply your installations with positive and negative cooling. The most powerful SANDEN unit with a cooling capacity of 3.55 kW at -35°C up to 9.73 kW at 5°C

Evaporating temperature-35 °C-30 °C-10 °C-5 °C+5 °C
Cooling capacity3.55 kW4.11 kW8.73 kW9.10 kW9.73 kW
Electric power input3.89 kW3.91 kW5.48 kW5.51 kW5.66 kW

Operation temperatureEvaporating (Min/Max)-35 ~ +5 °C
Ambient (Min/Max)-25 ~ +43 °C
Dimensions*Height x Width x Depth1.300 x 1.100 x 281 mm
Weight 135 kg
Noise pressure level (1)1 meter away49 dB(A)
CompressorTypeInverter Hermetic Scroll
Speed35 ~ 80 Hz
Heat ExchangerTypeAluminium microchannel
RefrigerantType / GWPR744 CO2 / 1
Power supplyPhases /Voltage/ FrequencyThree phase / 400 / 50 ou 60 (-/V/Hz)
Maximum working pressure (MWP)High pressure side14 MPa
Low pressure side9 Mpa
(1) Conditions : T° Ambient +32°C, Compressor Speed 80hz * without pipe cover

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