SANDEN will reaffirm its commitment for a greener and more efficient refrigeration during two annual major events for its activities in November.

First, SANDEN is once again sponsoring a major European event: Atmosphere Europe. Atmosphere Europe, organized by Shecco, is the unmissable yearly meeting gathering manufacturers and decision-makers involved in the development and deployment of HVACR solutions using natural refrigerants.

SANDEN as a European pioneer in the field of CO2 commercial refrigeration, must support the promotion and lobbying of Shecco for a generalization of natural refrigerants in the field of HVACR.


After lobbying on a European scale, SANDEN is also committed in promoting CO2 to installors and technicians, by exhibiting and exchanging opinions on its CO2 condensing units at the next SIFA show in Lyon.

The SIFA is a major exhibition for commercial refrigeration players. SANDEN will showcase its range of CO2 solutions and will have a running unit whichi will once again be the opportunity to demonstrate all advantages of CO2 SANDEN technology.

More information:

November 19th to 21th

November 28th and 29th, stand B35