Thanks to its high performance mixed to the best environmental solution of the market, SANDEN condensing units are installed in many types of layout.

MCI installation, for a freezer center opening in Essonne (91)

  • 1 CDU-L for a low temperature cold room of 40m3
  • Cooling capacity needs: 3 kW at -35°C 

MRG installation, for a R404 cold room retrofit in a Courtyard Hotel Mariott around Paris area

  • 1 CDU-S and 1 CDU-M
  • Cooling capacity needs: 2kW at -30°C

Dinafri installation, associated to Pecomark, for a Burger King cooling needs in Spain:

  • 1 CDU-L, for 2 cold rooms , a medium and a low temperature cold rooms
  1. Loop A: 1,8 kW at -35°C
  2. Loop B: 2 kW at -10°C

4 other installations have been made since then.

With Froid Concept, a cold room retrofit dedicated to food samples at INRA center near Rennes

  • 1 CDU-L, for low temperature cold room of 35m3

  • Cooling capacity needs: 3,2 kW at -30°C

With Engie Axima, for an ALDI in Center of France:

  • 2 CDU-L for 2 showcases of 7,5m, one closed with doors, and the other one opened.
  • Cooling capacity needs:
  1. 2,735 kW at -10°C
  2. 3,9 kW at -10°C

2 other Aldi have been installed since then.

With Engie Axima for a Carrefour logistic Center

  • 1 CDU-S for maintaining the temperature of a CO2 booster refrigeration system via a heat plate exchanger

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